Hello and welcome to Corkboards and Coffee Houses. This blog is about my journey as a writer and the writing life. It’s about the challenges, the successes, the creative process and pushing through the creative blocks.

This blog is my writing tool; when I am battered by dry spells, this is my catapult to inspiration. This is the space where I can come to write about my insights and frustrations; and maybe uncover a new gem in the process. This is my creative workout.

If you stumble upon this blog, take a moment to meander through my thoughts. The posts are short and will not take much time. Perhaps you will find some inspiration or connect to an experience in your own life.

I welcome comments and thoughts from anyone who has ever picked up a pen and set words to paper. Whether you write poetry, fiction, flash stories or simply record your day in a journal, feel free to share pieces of your journey in the writing life. We are all writers.

Now it’s time for me to get to work. Pick up a pen and allow your imagination to roam on the empty page.

All content is original and owned by the author, and shall not be used or distributed without express and written consent.

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