Taking Research on the Road

Research is necessary for the writer. We research everything from the right kind of devices for writing, publication procedures, literary agents, publishing houses, facts versus fiction, writing markets, coaches, editors, people, professions, places - the list is almost endless. Research is essential for us to find the right fit for our work, and often it … Continue reading Taking Research on the Road

The Twelve Days of Writing

I thought it was appropriate to republish this fun little piece I originally published in December 2014. After all, tis the season...                    On the first day of writing, my muse said I need:                        12 spiral notebooks                            Eleven paper clips Ten cups of coffee Nine fat pens Eight sticky notes Seven rough drafts Six … Continue reading The Twelve Days of Writing


The blank page is the writers’ canvas. Don’t be intimidated by its stark whiteness, its vacant stare, its arrogant lines undulating across the page - know it is there to fuel your imagination and give you permission to write anything you desire. It is not there to restrict or impose rules but to inspire, to … Continue reading Vacancy