Nightmares Writers Have

“It’s not good enough” …

“No one will read it…”

“No one will like it…”

“I’m not a real writer…”

“Someone walked out in the middle of my reading…”

“I got a bad review” …

These are the nightmares writers have – the haunting doubts that wake us in the middle of the night, questioning why we are on this journey. Worse than any horror movie, our own anxieties keep us on edge, make us see blood on the keyboard and prevent us from following our dreams and doing our work.

Doubts and fears are normal for the artist. Are they warranted? Most certainly. The truth is, every one of these fears may come to pass. We can’t control it and we can’t please everyone. What we can do is remember why we came to the desk in the first place. Each of us has our own reason for taking this precarious writing journey and nothing that is beyond our control should stop us. For every 1000 people that don’t like our work, there will be another 1000 that do – and that’s worth fighting for.

The fears are real and it’s okay to allow yourself to have them – for a little while – but then you need to molt them from your life and get comfortable in your new skin. Pick up your pen, open your notebooks, go back to the keyboard, burrow into your studio, put on your music, and write.

Write because you love it. Write because it’s what you’re meant to do – but above all, write because we couldn’t imagine our lives without it.




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