One Page at a Time

DSCN39192014 was a busy year for me. I published three pieces and was asked to guest blog for a couple of websites. I attended writing festivals, workshops, happily became a member-at-large in my local writing group and was invited to a bloggers event in Toronto. It was an amazing crazy year filled with new opportunity, frustrating moments, and unexpected accomplishment. I took a look back at last year’s post (Another Chapter) to see if I’d accomplished what I wanted. In many ways I did. But I also accomplished goals that were never on my list.

There are many things I want to accomplish for this next year, but for now I’m going to try a different approach. I learned that sometimes the best things happen when I’m not looking. I’m simply going to stick to my routine – write every day, write without censure, and write from the heart. I’m going to turn one page at a time for the next 365 days and just discover what happens next. I hope you will too.


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