Diving In

topsecretNovember is upon us; for many writers, it’s National Novel Writing Month. Thousands will sign up and take the challenge of writing in a novel in thirty days. I have never participated in this challenge but this time I will, although not as an official member.  I still have weekly and monthly deadlines I need to meet on a regular basis, but outside of those I plan on attempting to complete a first draft of a project that began as a short story but has since outgrown its limit. It’s on its way to becoming a novel, and with a little push from me, it may reach its potential.

I’ve spent the last several weeks thinking about my story and gathering the tools for my month-long challenge. I am looking forward to immersing myself in my fictional world, getting intimate with my characters, unravelling the coil and seeing where the story will lead.

It occurred to me that any month could be a personal novel-writing month for writers. All it takes is the focus and the drive. But November is here, and I will gladly sit my butt down and write for thirty gut-wrenching, frustrating, surprising and delightful days. I am eager to discover new insights into my writing process during this time.

For all you writers out there embarking on this challenge – good luck and happy writing. I look forward to the future publications that will emerge from this challenge of sheer willpower.



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