Stepping Outside The Comfort Zone

Writing encompasses a variety of styles– journals, novels, short stories, screenplays, poetry, newspaper and magazine articles. Some writers are able to write in any form; some will attempt many styles before finding their niche. I believe a great way to improve your skill is to step out from your comfort zone every once in a while, and challenge yourself with a new form of writing. I write fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry. My challenge to myself was to step away from the familiar and write a review of a theatre show. I got the chance to write one after a couple of new theatre companies banded together and debuted a performance of three short plays rolled into one.

I have dabbled with different styles through classes and experimenting at home. I rarely post my experimental writings, but I do so today so that the theatre companies who worked so hard on their performance might now have a testimonial for past shows which they can use to build their business.

Practice writing in different forms and styles; it never hurts to be prepared for any unexpected offer of a writing job – and you may find a new niche to display your talent.

These Three ThingsAviary Photo_130507951562927524



2 thoughts on “Stepping Outside The Comfort Zone

    1. Thank you. I had great fun writing it. It was a production close to my heart, as one of the theatre companies involved was established by a friend, and they’re taking their show to the Edinburgh Fringe.

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