Freedom in Words

There’s a powerful freedom in writing. In the world of story, you can be anything, do anything and go anywhere. Poets can paint pictures with words. Fiction writers can create new worlds. Creative non-fiction can take readers on an emotional journey, connecting them to facets of their own life. The freedom of wordplay has astonishing power. Words can heal wounds, revive lost memories, exhilarate and thrill; they can trigger happiness, grief, hope, despair, anger, and tranquility; they can paint images within the imagination.

It’s a refreshing change to face a blank page and break all the rules of conventional society. In the stories you create, there is nothing you can’t do. People can fly, new species can be born, the past can be altered, and the future can be shaped. In fiction, there are no limits, and as a writer, it can be a wicked delight to revel in the freedom of a blank page. In creative non-fiction you are bound by the facts, but you still have freedom to craft a captivating piece with the words you choose. In poetry, you can dance with metaphor, tango with simile and create effervescent images.

Don’t be afraid to explore your freedom and push the boundaries of your imagination; let your words take you on a wild ride of reckless abandon before they are restrained in the process of editing. Allow your creative self to live in a boundless freedom that is waiting to be discovered on a blank page.

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