I’ve spent some time in physiotherapy clinics – physiotherapy is truly fascinating. Therapists teach patients exercises that help to strengthen muscles in the body. In the beginning these exercises can be challenging – you may only be able to do five sit-ups a day. Therapists help to lessen patient anxiety by teaching them more is less – start out with a little bit each day, and slowly increase the repetitions each week, or when you start to feel comfortable executing those movements. It takes time to prime muscles, but by exercising a little bit each day, they will become stronger.

The same technique can be applied to writing. You can strengthen the different elements of writing by working them a little bit at a time. Writing is conditioning the mind – just like exercising the body, the more you write, the better you will become. The hardest part is always in the beginning. The creative process takes time to cultivate. It doesn’t come naturally to most people. Start out with one small writing exercise a day. There are several writing prompts in books and online that can help you employ the different elements of writing and strengthen your imagination.

A day will come when you’ll be able to come to the desk and your mind will instinctively know where to discover the pieces that connect and shape the story you want to tell.



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