Slaying Your Demons

There’s always an area of writing that will present a challenge – plot, characterization, setting, context, grammar – any number of techniques can cause even the best writers some grief. It can become a grim task to carry on in the face of the desire to succeed in a competitive industry. Writing engulfs several processes that should blend together to create a whole; if a story is lacking in one area, it can taint the whole project. So how do you manage the demons that taunt you?

The solution is easier than you might think: practice. The more you write, the more you will perfect the skill to slay your demon. You can do this through daily writing exercises that target the area you need to improve, or by attending groups or classes to get feedback on your work. It’s difficult to be objective about our own creations, and harder still to find the weak spots, so it’s a good idea to have others review your work. It will take some effort, but in time you will improve. Writing is not an easy task; it needs to be a challenge to elicit satisfaction. It’s unlikely a writer will ever become an expert in every area, but they can learn to recognize their weakness and cultivate the skills to reinforce it.

Don’t let your demons rule you – become the master of your own vulnerability and slay the beasts that mark you.



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