Unearthing Urban Tales

DSCN0475The city is buzzing with energy…not only is it buzzing with energy, it’s brimming with secrets just waiting to unfold.

The city is always swarming. It’s a live entity fueled by people racing from one place to another; every day, with precision, the vagrants emerge from their hovels and shuffle to their designated street corners; a continuous stream of cars roll between tall buildings stained with windows. Stories can be found lurking in the alleys, reflected in the tinted windows of a high-rise, and jammed between the doorways of dusky bars and coffee shops. Every park, community garden, hotel, restaurant or bridge is a potential setting waiting for characters to come and leave their footprints.

I am, by nature, a small town girl – most of my stories evolve from the intimacies of small town life; but spend an afternoon walking through city streets and you will be amazed at how many characters and plots can be revealed.


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