An Ardent Stimulation

Have you ever asked yourself why you write? For the love of creating? For clarity? To entertain? For acceptance? To discover your voice? To leave your mark? I sometimes wonder why I am drawn to writing.

I started writing poems when I was a child. It was a secret thrill to manipulate the words to find the rhyme, watching them dance together in a covert pattern on the page. As I grew older, my poems became more sophisticated, more free verse that evolved into stories. I loved playing with language, sculpting characters, situations and setting. English became my favourite subject and I excelled in grammar, only to snub all those rules in my writing. I loved recreating images on the page. In the beginning, I wrote just for me –I still do, but along the way I found an audience that enjoyed my words as much as I did. I love taking people on a journey through the secret world in my mind.

The reasons for writing are numerous and complex; whatever your reasons for needing to bring your words to the page, always remember to enjoy the process.

Happy writing.



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