A Surprising Motivation

We write for all sorts of reasons – for the joy of creation, communication, work, reflection, need, desire and healing. I always knew I wanted to write; I dabbled with it over the years writing the occasional story or stringing together bits of poetry, but I didn’t give it the attention it deserved until I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I began blogging to help me deal with my diagnosis. (The Old Lady in my Bones). Writing about my disease not only helped me cope with the challenge of living with arthritis, it ignited my imagination. The task of creating a new story each week strengthened my storytelling skills, and gave me the courage to share my stories with the world. It helped me connect with others on a personal and professional level; it motivated me and I re-discovered the thrill of composing stories and creating characters. I revisited all my old notebooks, found my beginnings and gave them endings. I completed stories that spent years waiting for a conclusion, and it took the arrival of an unexpected diagnosis to push me into following my dream.

We all have something unexpected that fuels a hidden fire in our hearts and provides the stimulus to follow our passions – what will it take to follow yours?

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