A Little Bit of Vanity

Any creative endeavour requires breeding a little bit of selfishness. Writing is a lonely occupation that requires focus. It’s necessary to shut out the rest of the world in order to get your work done. The time you put aside for writing should be a sacred time where you can yield to your own vanity. It’s a time to forget the last conversation, stop thinking about errands, kids, parents, dinner, future vacations, work, household chores, etc., and crawl into a creative shield for a few hours.

Writing from home can be challenging; people have the impression that when you work from home you are available to them at all times. It’s important to lay down boundaries and create a working environment for yourself. Make it clear that this is your time, reserved for your work. If there’s a room for you to escape, go inside, close the door, and turn off the phone; if home is too much of a distraction, go to a coffee shop or a park; if you write on your work break, leave the office to avoid interruptions from employers or co-workers.

It’s essential to find some time in your day to cater to your creative self – cultivate your boundaries, etch out a sacred space, disconnect from the commonplace and slide into your own zone. The world, and all its diversions, will be there waiting when you return.

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