The Road

HPIM1107To write, you must have courage.

The Road

I do not meet forks in the road, only sharp, curving roadways with jutting blind corners. Sometimes I speed recklessly around sharp angles, heedless of the crash, and when I leave the road, I plunge into a surge of adrenaline, colliding into new and forbidden moments – sometimes those falls bring great joy; sometimes they are the tragedy I would like to forget.

Other days, I creep, hesitating before rounding the bend, and like wading through icy water, I feel the piercing stab of my decision, teasing me, calling me a coward for clinging to the wall.

It is not the false security of the wall at my back that saves me, it is the open air, the drop into endless possibilities; it is the freedom of taking a chance, propelling me to new places; it is the knowledge that if I land in darkness, there is always another curve to navigate.

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