Writing Like the Seasons

DSCN0992“Winter breaks beneath the glow of the holiday lights and the zesty aroma of mulled wine; days grow longer, thawing into the promising buds of spring, giving birth to a new dawn bursting with the perfume of crocuses and pansies, lingering into the long humid days of summer before the fading light gives way to cool nights speckled with bright stars, watching the earth fall into the quiet lull of winter once again…”

 Every year the seasons take their turn manipulating the earth with their own style. Winter,      spring, summer and fall, cyclically arrive leaving their own unique imprint. I have discovered that writing also has its seasons. There are seasons for short stories, novels, poetry, memoirs and narratives; there are seasons for beginnings and endings; there are seasons for repose and production; there are seasons for burgeoning ideas and seasons for barren days where we shed the skin of past work and clear space for new ideas.

Diverse types of writing will arrive at different times in an author’s life; we may find ourselves spending weeks or months on one type of writing, and then we switch gears, moving onto another form. Writers will bloom and perish with the onset of each new writing season. We may find our strength with one particular genre, returning to it again and again, but sometimes, we will step away and experiment with different styles.

We may enjoy some seasons more than others; we may linger in one season longer than others; but just like the seasons, change will come. It’s a natural process of writing.

Wishing everyone a Happy Winter Solstice, and a warm and loving holiday season.

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