Writing Practice

In order to become proficient at any skill, it’s necessary to practice. Just as athletes train their bodies for competition, or dancers work their routines, writers can improve their skill with a daily writing practice.

Writing practice can help writers find their voice and develop their own style. I write every day, even it’s only for a few minutes (Finding the Time: Writing Anywhere). My own writing practice consists of journaling, flash fiction, poetry, or composing my next blog post. Writing prompts are delightful tools if I’m not working on a specific project. I use writing exercises from a collection of reference books (there’s a lovely set of books called “Now Write” and “Now Write Non-Fiction” compiled of writing exercises from numerous authors) that help hone skills in character development, settings, context and dialogue. The more often I write, the easier it is to maintain a smooth flow. Writing practice keeps my mind sharp and helps me develop the little nuances that make my writing my own. I see small victories in each new piece that support my belief that writing is a skill that needs to be cultivated.

Writing practice helps keep the mind fit and the imagination strong, one paragraph or verse at a time.


A whistle blows; muscles tense, ripple and flow

Chasing an object distant and out of reach.

Contact is brief but rewarding;

Sometimes there is ecstasy, victory.

Sometimes there is tragedy, defeat.

Yet, the object is pursued with determination,

Striving always forward to reach the goal.

A whistle blows; muscles relax, slide and slow.

No longer chasing that distant object

For another day it is out of reach, until the next sunrise;

Then it begins again….a whistle blows.

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