The Shadow

There it is again. Can you hear it? Fluttering on the edge of your consciousness, cyclically streaming through your mind – that one idea or image lurking around, howling at you like an old fishwife; and yet, it keeps getting pushed aside. Perhaps we over think it and decide it’s not a strong enough concept for a story; perhaps we are afraid to let it go, for fear nothing will take its place.

Sometimes we carry a notion around for days, weeks, even months, as if afraid to release it. The longer it lingers, the more it grows into a larger-than-life prototype and you feel you can’t find the words to do it justice. Worse yet, you might feel if you finally write it down, it won’t look as remarkable on the page as it does in your mind.

Shine a light on the face of that dark silhouette and put it on the page. The concept might not be clear but don’t wait for it to give you clarity – write it down in all its hazy splendour. Infuse life into it, write it in its most intangible form. At some point, it will have the chance to evolve into something amazing.

If an idea keeps hounding you, it’s begging to be written. Don’t worry about feeling empty once it’s purged; there will always be another one to take its place.

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