The Power of Commonplace Objects

It’s a gray day and the rain is tapping against my window. My fingers hover over the keyboard, waiting for my mind to grab the thoughts that tumble around in my head like socks in a dryer. I am drained from a busy week, and as I sit before my computer, I lack the energy to produce. On days like this, I try to use the everyday items in my apartment as a stimulus to boost my motivation.

The color or shape of an object might trigger a fresh insight – a love story could evolve from the vintage black frock hanging in my closet; a poem might be revealed in the deep burgundy of the wine in my glass; the purple tree in the collage on my corkboard might pave the way for the setting of a new story; the orange hue of my curtains could take me to the arid dunes of the desert or a glorious sunset on the beach. Any of these things have the power to produce a few words a day.

Just like in the theatre, props can be used as a driving force to encourage a dreary writing day –this post was generated when I saw the script of the play I am currently participating in resting on my desk.

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