There’s No Place Like Home

Submission call: Stories about Love….Submission call: Stories of the Strange and Mysterious….Submission call: Poems on the Natural World…

Several times a month, I see calls for submissions to literary magazines, story contests and on-line print; every month, I wonder if I can produce what they desire in the next thirty days. A panic sets in, a frenzy of “must get that story out there”. Logic dictates that the more work I submit the more chances I have in getting published. I spend a few days in this faltering condition, searching my archives, wondering if I have that perfect piece for that particular publication…then…I take a breath and regain my composure.

I write my stories for the joy of writing; I give them the time to develop. The publications I achieved were on pieces that took ample time to create; when I struggle to write for a particular submission, it inevitably gets rejected because it wasn’t ready to leave home. If I miss one submission, there will be another. I tailor my work, and then search for the right fit; as Dorothy so eloquently stated: “There’s no place like home.”

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