Off the Grid

Writing has been transformed by e-books, social media, and blogging. The world of publishing and marketing is changing and writers need to change with it. We now spend time tweeting, emailing, and engaging in social media – all important in establishing connections and marketing our work. The hours spent on social media can add up, stealing from us precious time to complete our creative projects.

I am one of those caught up in the ever-changing competitive world of keeping my name in the loop – but, every now and then, I give myself a break from the internet scramble and go off the grid for a while. This helps me connect to the world around me, the world I can touch, see and smell. It takes me away from the repetitive action of jumping from one web page to another. I understand and appreciate the importance of marketing, as we are now in a world where the publishers no longer have the time or resources to bear that responsibility; but sometimes it’s necessary to step away and go off the grid….it will always be there when you are ready to go back.

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