Blogging is a superb tool for writing practice. Blogs offer the creative freedom to write about any topic at any time. You can control your content and the length of your posts; you can connect to others with similar interests by accepting and responding to comments; you can open the door to every writer’s dreaded (but necessary) angst: feedback on your work. The majority of blog templates allow you to set the parameters for public or private viewing, permitting you control over your audience. Some people blog every day; others blog once a week, once a month, or whenever the desire strikes. You have the power to set your own targets for posts.

I use my blog posts as writing exercises; they help me polish my writing skills. I try to keep my posts short so I can focus on the quality of my writing, rather than the length. I use my blogs as a tool to teach me the skill required for meeting deadlines; by setting a weekly goal I can practice meeting them; but I’m not obligated – we all have lives to manage so there’s no pressure if time is limited.

Blogging breaks through the barriers of my imagination and helps me tap into an alien world of creative energy. What does it do for you?

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