Dream Walking

I wake before dawn, the scattered fragments of my dream crumbling in the light of my consciousness. I reach for my journal on my bedside table, turn on my tiny LED reading light (so as not to disturb my partner) and speedily write down the last lingering images.

I find stories in my dreams. Sometimes it’s only the residue of a fading image or feeling, perhaps a hint of an idea; other times it’s a sweeping epic that rushes through from beginning to end. There are times when I am the protagonist and there are times when I am the narrator. I may only need a few key words to unravel a story or poem. I refer to my dream journal when I am seeking new ideas or when I’ve become blocked in a current project. I’ve learned to pay attention to the subliminal messages of my subconscious. Dreams are a wonderful source for stories; and sometimes, stories can be a springboard to our dreams.

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